How do you prefer to be contacted? Email, phone or text?

It’s totally up to you which method you choose us we are available for you 24/7 and our correspondent will reach you shortly once you contact us. Call us at: +718-400-6166 Email us at:

Are there any bad odors after cleaning?

Absolutely not, we ensure that after cleaning everything is perfect as it is.

How can I contact you through mobile?

You can contact us anytime at the given mobile number in our contact details.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do accept credit cards.

Do you show up on time?

We’ve got a punctual team which always prioritize your call and always show up on the given time.

Do you respect our privacy?

We make sure that we provide you quality cleaning services by respecting your privacy and keeping a hassle-free environment is our priority.

What type of cleaning chemicals do you use on hardwood floors?

Our trained professional cleaners are fully equipped with state of the art tools with the usage of vegan-friendly caustic and non-caustic formulas for cleaning making sure the eco-friendly environment.

Do you work on holidays too?

Yes, we do work on off days and weekends and you can call us on holidays too it’s your choice.

Do you only do house cleaning?

No, we also provide cleaning in commercial areas and offices too.

How can I get your services?

You can contact us as our contact details are provided on our website and you can reach us in your own convenient way you want

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